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Golden Teachers


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Golden Teachers

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Its History

One of the most researched mushroom spore strains in the world, just so happens to be, the Golden Teachers. These psychedelic mushrooms have golden caps and compared to other Psilocybe Cubensis types, is quite large and elegant in their appearance. Golden Teachers made its first appearance in the late 1980's with no known origin and are named after it’s golden color and revitalizing effects.


Its Species

The Golden Teachers belongs in the Psilocybe Cubensis species of psychedelic mushroom. The main psychoactive elements in this species are psilocybin and psilocin. As a rule of thumb, Psilocybe Cubensis strains contain approximately 0.63% psilocybin and 0.60% psilocin. This means, that for every  one gram of mushrooms, there will be anywhere from 5-20 milligrams of psilocybin and psilocin.


The Cerebral Effects

The Golden Teacher is known for its spiritualistic tendencies which can enlighten the user with new perspectives and teachings. This strain is often recommended to beginners as it offers a mild and insightful psychedelic high for most users. They are best known for these properties, rather than solely ‘’tripping’’. Users report experiencing green and purple spectrum's of light with enhanced vision.


Medicinal Benefits

Due to the Golden Teachers shamanistic capabilities, it is recommended for those suffering from depression, as it allows you to experience a new and improved world. It has been shown to assist in treating tobacco, alcohol and opioid addictions and alleviating symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Through these experiences and teachings, some users are provided with clarity and new perspectives due to it’s didactic tendencies. A spiritual classic with profound short and long term impacts on healing the mind and spirit, acting as a source of enlightenment and connection.


Recommended Experience Level

The First-Time Tripper.



14 Reviews
  1. Troy |

    This is an awesome strain and one of the originals, i have been using golden teachers for a long time to work alongside mental ailments and am having great success with 1.5-2g trips

  2. Jon Rash | (verified owner)

    I’ve only tried a handful of different types and Golden Teacher is my main staple. Since I’ve started microdosing 6 months ago these are the ones I’ve used. It has most definitely had a positive effect on my mood as I suffer from moderate depression. I’ve also taken substantial doses and was very pleased with my experiences. This strain is not heavy on visuals and gives great insights. Great price and fast shipping with nondescript packaging. Thanks guys!

    • The MyBrokenHead Team |

      As online purchases become more and more vital, we will continue to bring Canadians the most economical mushroom products on the market. Leave us a review on Reddit, spread the word and thanks for the great review!

  3. Amirali Ghorban | (verified owner)

    Thank you for the good quality and fast delivery.

  4. Amirali | (verified owner)

    Ordered on Saturday and had it shipped to me on Monday. This is my favorite shop. Recommend to everyone

  5. Cassandra | (verified owner)

    Amazing my fav

  6. Tushar Sharma | (verified owner)

    Sick website, my product came in 3 days and my trips were nice. Would recommend these guys if you are looking for an authentic source.

  7. Cass | (verified owner)

    My broken head is super awesome to deal with super legit and discreet I had some concerns second time around and they responded super quick

  8. Amandeep Singh | (verified owner)

    Great strain, had an amazing experience! My questions were answered in a timely manner and I recieved the product within 3 days of ordering. Highly recommend

  9. Michael Bruley | (verified owner)

    Amazing experience, order arrived in 3 business days, weight was exactly correct, and 3 grams gave me a very spiritual and mellow experience, definitely going to order again! I'm looking forward to trying more products!

  10. dogsandrabbits | (verified owner)

    Great for break throughs and downloads from your higher self very gentle and giving high.

  11. jeremyheming |

    Very happy with this purchase, great product and fast free delivery
    Great customer service

  12. Atk |

    Un-bloody-Believable. I have done mushrooms heaps Of times but never ordered through a site and never knew what kind I was getting from friends in the neighbourhood. BUT WOW. DO NOT HESITATE TO BUY. They are not only at an AMAZING price but they came VERY QUICKLY. Like seriously 5 days and I’m All the way in Ontario. Bought these for a girls camping trip and MY GOD. I was up untill 4 am laughing my ass off and watching the meteor showers and the orange crescent moon that - coupled with the peaking colours and euphoria it was one of the BEST experiences I have ever had. THANK YOU GUYS! I’ll be having the other half
    Of my
    Order next week at a cottage. I am

    P.s I took 3.11 grams and I was IN HEAVEN.

  13. Robbie | (verified owner)

    Quite possibly the best Golden Teacher mushrooms I've ever had. Amazing customer service, fast delivery, discrete. For anyone who is hesitant to order, DON'T BE!

  14. Luke |

    Solid all round mushrooms..I really enjoyed these when we first started ordering from mbh. We like to mix and match and it's a new adventure every time!

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