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WHO WE ARE is a leading MoM (Mail-Order-Mushrooms) online service for psilocybin related products. Our mail-order  is safe, fast and private. Our experienced team stocks high-quality products grown on Canada’s WestCoast . We offer delivery service to any Canadian City. We conveniently deliver with your privacy in mind. Our belief is that every citizen should have access to this incredible product.

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Access to quality mushrooms has never been easier.

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Magic mushrooms have been used by humanoids since the early days of humanity. MyBrokenHead erupted onto the MoM scene to provide ease of access to this magnificent plant. Our products are grown in laboratory-grade environments equipped to bring mail-order mushrooms to anyone over the age of 19.

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The Hero Dose

With full-form mushrooms, it’s important for users to find that perfect dose so that their high can be as pleasant as possible. After all, you want to have fun or be left with a beautiful conclusion that we know is very possible with psilocybin.  As most studies have noted, taking a very high dose (like 5g) may bring forth a spiritual experience, although some users may have felt great amounts of anxiety. On the other hand, taking 3 grams lowered the intensity of anxiety, but the “spiritual” effects were lowered as a result.

Now it’s important to keep perspective in mind. While 5 grams may be coined as the “hero dose”, where your ego is guaranteed to die, it doesn’t mean that 3 grams of mushrooms cannot bring you that spiritual experience. In fact, many don’t like to go above 3 grams because they find the high to be too strong. As with all things, start off slow and if you’d like to try again, you can increase the dose. Some may find that just 1 gram will suffice for them.



Microdosing has been common place among highly active society for a long time. Common in places such as Silicon Valley, microdosing is known to provide neurogenesis within the brain. This process allows the brain’s synapses to connect at a higher rate than any other drug. Also known for its calming effects, many users are delighted to be able to decrease their reliance on anti-depressants.

A typical starting point for microdosing is to take 100mg for 4 days, and then take 2 days off.  This leaves most users with the ability to experience the neurogenesis happening in the background, without the typical mushroom ‘high’.  This can vary from person to person so it’s best to try this level of dosing when you don’t have any plans or obligations. And as always, do not operate any machinery on any dose.

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