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Edibles>KG's Choco Bells - Dark (1g)

KG's Choco Bells - Dark (1g)


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KG's Choco Bells - Dark (1g)

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Its History

Same great BELL, just more potent!!

These chocolates are produced by a crafty baker, simply known as "KG". These bells, packed with 1g of full-form mushroom, are potent and are a killer price. Great for a night of stargazing or intellectual conversation, these chocolates are delicious and sure to spark conversation. Simple to eat, and made with 69% cacao (vegan, gluten and nut-free), they are simply delicious!


These Choco Bells are packed with a 1 g of Psilocybin Cubensis mushrooms and the whole choco bell should be eaten to release its full effect.


2 Reviews
  1. Ryan |

    So, that was a very nice buzz. I took one, went out for a walk, and was thoroughly surprised at how smooth this product felt. It's a full bodied trip in terms of the mechanism and longevity, and you should find yourself on a nice journey. Word to the wise, the onset is much faster then you'd expect. I came at it from a microdose perspective and just about got lost in a grocery store. Have fun!

  2. Ryan | (verified owner)

    So yeah. This is basically a mushroom cherry-bomb. It might be my new favourite thing. Thanks KG! Cheers!

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